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Chabbad Lubavitch Ontario
Chabad Lubavitch is the largest religous jewish organization in Ontario. They operate synogogues, schools and community centers. In the twenty-first century, threats to religous establishments are ever present. At chabad lubavitch bind has installed a singular, integrated solution for security and building access, including ICT Protege access control, perimeter alarm, Aiphone intercom, video intercom and a complete CCTV system. In religous establishments such as Chabad Lubavitch Ontario, Bond designs an innovative system that meets the religous restrictions the end user.
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Darchel Noam Congregation
Darchel Noam is a reconstructionist Jewish Synogogue. The building is a fully accessible facility featuring a variety of multi-purpose spaces; the building is not simply aesthetically inspiring and beautiful, but practical as well. Designed with their growing congregation in mind and using cutting edge eco-friendly technologies and materials, 864 Sheppard Avenue West combines the traditional and the contemporary to create a unique and inviting space for its community. To secure this building, Bond Securcom provides a high-end integrated Access Control system, Panasonic CCTV system and 24/7 intrusion monitoring.
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ISIJ of Toronto - Jaffari Community Community Centre
ISIJ of Toronto is a non profit organization that serves the muslim community in the Greater Toronto Area. The Community successfully carries out its own burial facilities, youth programs, periodic publications, library, seniors’ activities and various other functions that are part-in-parcel with the operation of an efficient organization. The Jaffari Community center houses a mosque, library and school aswell as residential housing including a seniors’ component. Bond Securcom services their securtity systems, including an ICT Protege access control system.
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