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In business for over forty years, Bond Securcom has provided innovative security and communications products and services to a wide range of commercial, industrial, multi-unit residential and not-for-profit organizations in need of effective solutions to ever-changing security needs.
In a marketplace dominated by large, multi-national corporations offering “one-size-fits-all” solutions driven by their own need for “scale”, Bond Securcom has strived to maintain a personalized level of service and design approach for each of its clients, bringing the latest in technology and methods to meet the specific demands of each individual situation.
Today, the company still promotes and practices the same high attention to detail and commitment to service that has enabled it to succeed for over three decades. Bond has avoided the typical “growth for growth’s sake” approach, and continues to see itself as a boutique supplier of security and communications services to those organizations requiring real security and real value, while recognizing the changing perspectives of modern society and its growing concerns for such issues as the balance of a legitimate desire for privacy and the need for increased protection in a progressively more dangerous world.
Throughout its long history and extensive experience, Bond Securcom has learned to apply the most modern approaches to current security challenges, and commits to each of its clients the same care and consideration it would wish for its own employees and families. The company’s experience has not been limited to a single market segment such as commercial buildings, but has traversed many markets. This has required the business to keep abreast of current trends and developments in the areas of facility design, security systems integration, guarding, hardware, security practices and processes, telecommunications, and virtually every other aspect of security and communications systems as they apply to today’s modern buildings.
Bond’s proposed solution for each customer is based solely upon our expert evaluation of the customer’s particular situation.
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