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Electronic Cylinder with SALTO Card Reader for Access Control System

As RFID and networking technologies develop, Bond Securcom can equip you with a world class, keyless and future-proof access control system that delivers substantial benefits: SALTO virtual networks and the data-on-card system provide a great opportunity to make access control systems more secure, affordable, efficient, and easy to manage.

For customers with existing access control systems, SALTO can secure access points that were previously very difficult and costly to secure. A padlock on a gate or shed? A remote location with no security room? An equipment cabinet with a key-lock?
SALTO's wireless, battery-powered card readers can replace the existing cylinder of any keyed door-lock to enable access control with your central access control system-- with no new wiring required!

SALTO gives you the ability to control all your access needs and secure all your doors without the need for complex and expensive wiring, providing total control over who is able to access what, where and when at all times. 

Salto Locks and Card Readers Showcase for SALTO access control system - padlock, cylinder, standardThe SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) provides the flexibility for an access control system to grow from to any number of doors and users as required - for half the price of other solutions, in half the time. It allows stand-alone locks to read, receive and write information via an encrypted and secure data-on-card system -- so updating software and user permission databases is much less time-consuming for security managers.

SALTO access control solutions work based on the integration of both wired and wireless card readers. When an update is applied remotely by a security manager, it is automatically updated on wired readers located at major through-points such as elevators, stairwells, entrances, and amenities. Then, when users tap their card or fob at these wired readers, they download the updated information from the reader. When they later tap a wireless reader, they upload the update to the reader. In this way, information travels to and from wireless readers dynamically and effortlessly. These smartcards also store and transport other data -- such as an audit trail of events for each reader, battery status reports for wireless readers, and user calendars or shifts.

Bond Securcom can provide you with the right data-on-card access control solution for your business -- or many other high-end products including SALTO, ICT Protégé, C-CURE 9000, or Avigilon access control systems. Please give us a call if you are interested in discussing a solution for your business.