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In business for over 40 years, Bond Securcom has provided innovative security solutions to a wide range of organizations in need of effective security for ever-changing needs. We'd like to keep you up to date with current industry trends, as well as opportunities to improve your business’ security.

VideoMonitoring400x300With CCTV camera surveillance systems and video analytics becoming increasingly advanced, a digital, remote video monitoring service from Bond Securcom can make your property more secure – at a fraction of the cost of live guards.

Using a CCTV system with high-definition cameras – such as an Avigilon surveillance system with Avigilon, Hikvision or Axis CCTV Cameras – advanced Video Analytics systems can monitor the perimeter of your facility 24/7 and alert you on your smartphone in case of a breach. These surveillance systems can also alert a remote guarding specialist at Bond Securcom’s remote video monitoring center, who will view live CCTV footage while carrying out a talk down using the loudspeaker system, dispatching mobile guards or police if required. This allows for an immediate response time – far faster than traditional mobile guarding services.

Remote video monitoring can also be used to confirm alarms – minimizing the dispatch of guards for false alarms. Finally, if you require patrols of your facility, our remote guarding specialists can perform via CCTV scans for a far lower price than mobile guard alternatives.

With Bond Securcom’s remote CCTV monitoring and remote guard services, your guarding needs are met more efficiently, consistently, rapidly, and affordably than ever before. Please give us a call if you are interested in discussing a monitoring solution for your business.